Affiliate FAQ’s

As a member of “The Office Fans Cruise” affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn rewards for every successful referral you make. For each person who registers for “The Office Fans Cruise” using your unique affiliate link, you can earn:

  • $50 Onboard Credit: Use this credit towards onboard purchases during “The Office Fans Cruise”.  This credit can be used towards shore excursions, specialty dining, onboard shopping, and other expenses that are billed to your Norwegian Onboard Account.
  • $25 Cash: Prefer cash? No problem! We’ll send you a Visa or Mastercard gift card loaded with $25 for every person who signs up using your affiliate link.

The choice is yours! Whether you want to indulge in onboard experiences or receive cash rewards, our affiliate program offers flexibility and rewards for your efforts.


A successful referral in “The Office Fans Cruise” affiliate program occurs when a person completes the cruise registration process and sails on “The Office Fans Cruise”. Here’s what constitutes a successful referral:

  • Completed Cruise Registration: The referred person must successfully complete the cruise registration process, including providing all necessary information and making any required payments.
  • Sailing on the Cruise: The referred person must board and sail on “The Office Fans Cruise” to be considered a successful referral.
  • Lead Passenger in a Cabin: A successful referral is typically the lead passenger in a cabin. If there are multiple guests in the cabin, the referral payment is made only for the lead passenger.
  • Multiple Cabins Booked by One Person: If one person books more than one cabin (for example, booking for themselves, their spouse, and another cabin for their child), you will receive a referral payment for each cabin that is booked.
  • Different Individuals: The affiliate and the referee (the referred person) cannot be the same individual. Referees must register using the affiliate’s unique referral link provided.
  • Exclusive Referral Link: Once someone registers as an affiliate, they cannot register for the cruise under someone else’s affiliate link. (two people can not register for an affiliate link and then register under each others affiliate link to bost their credits)

Payments are made at two times for our affilaite program, depending on which payout option you choose.

  • For affiliate who select to receive the $50 onboard credit, this will be applied to your onboard account on or before January 15, 2025.
  • For affiliates who select to receive the $25 cash option, this will be paid by a Visa or Mastercard, e-gift card that will be sent on February 23rd.
  • Effortless Sales Tracking: Experience seamless tracking of your sales journey. Guests visiting our site via an affiliate’s personalized URL initiate a 60-Day Cookie tracking system. This ensures that if the guest returns within 60 days and makes a purchase, the affiliate receives due credit.
  • Last-Click Attribution: Even if a guest visits our site through one affiliate link and later returns via a different one before purchasing, the last affiliate link used takes precedence for crediting the sale.
  • Direct Website Integration: Simplify your tracking process with direct integration from your website. No need for affiliate links; simply assign your website URL(s) to your affiliate account. Traffic generated from your website URLs will automatically be attributed to your account. Note: Your website must be secure with HTTPS protocol. Contact us for potential solutions if your website still uses HTTP.